Moving Your Pool Table With Care in East York


Moving a pool table with care is essential, especially in East York. Pool table movers have expertise in moving any pool table. Because pool tables are so heavy and fragile, you must hire an expert in East York to move your valuable furnishings like pool tables.

Pool table moving is a delicate matter, and is best left in the hands of professionals with years of experience. It’s worth investing the money in a moving company to do it for you, eliminating the chance of damage. If you try to do it yourself, you’ll be responsible for fixing anything you break. In the event that a pool table moving company does damage your table, they have insurance that will cover damages. Pool table movers can disassemble, move, and reassemble your pool table for you.

They can do more than move pool tables, too. They can help with billiard table moving, snooker table moving, or bumper pool table moving, if you have additional tables you need to move.


Getting ready to move your pool table involves disassembling it. If you know how to do it because you’ve done it before, then you can gather up all of your equipment and get started, making it easier and faster for the movers, and making it cheaper for you.

You’ll need the following items to disassemble your pool table on your own:

  • A staple remover
  • A screwdriver
  • A socket wrench
  • A power drill
  • Some friends to help

First, you need to take the six pockets off of your table by removing the staples one by one. If they are screwed into the frame, use a screwdriver to remove them carefully. After you take the pockets off, you will have access to the side rails. Remove the bolts with a socket wrench and then slide them off, labeling each part you remove as you go.

Next, take the felt off of the top by removing each staple holding it in place. Be careful not to rip the felt as you remove the staples. Fold it or roll it up and pack it away safely, so it doesn’t get damaged. Now you have revealed the slates under the felt, and you can remove them as well. These slates are easily the heaviest part of your pool table, at 450 pounds each. You’re going to need some help with this step.

Use your power drill to remove the screws, holding them in place. After you remove the pockets, rails, and slates, you can detach the legs from the rest of the body by removing them one at a time. It may be easier to turn the entire mainframe upside down to remove these so your table won’t be crooked.

Disassembly is a complicated process that may be too much for one person to handle. If you feel like you need help, it’s essential to call a professional. They have the experience and assistance they need to take a pool table apart and move it with care.

The insurance a professional carries will ensure that if damage occurs along the way, you have coverage to get it fixed. If you break your pool table while trying to take it apart, you have to pay to get it fixed yourself, but if a mover breaks it, they will pay to fix it.

On Wheels

If your pool table has wheels, it may be easy to move. Pool tables are wide, so sometimes they don’t fit through doorways. However, if you can move it yourself, you may be able to. Keep in mind that this is not typical; pool tables usually don’t fit through small doorways or tight spaces. You may have to turn it on its side or take it apart.

If you are moving your table to the other side of a room or another room in your house, you might be able to move it on its wheels without taking it apart. Moving it on its wheels is less difficult and risky than moving it up or down a staircase is.

If you don’t want to take your pool table apart before you move it, but you don’t have the convenience of built-in wheels, you will need to find a way to roll it instead of trying to carry it through doorways. Because your pool table is so heavy, moving it without wheels almost guarantees that you will drop or break it. You may also bump into walls or damage other furniture while you’re trying to move it.

If your pool table fits through your doorways upright, you could try to lift it just enough to place it on casters and roll it through. If it doesn’t fit through the door on its legs, you’ll need to turn it gently on one side and then set it on a wheeled platform so you can move it around.

The best option is always to disassemble your pool table before you move it. However, even then, you still want to make sure you put the slates on wheels to help manage the weight and prevent damage. Carrying these heavy pieces opens you up for risk of dropping and breaking if you don’t have enough help or you are not strong enough.

Time to the Professionals

Let the professionals move your pool table for you, so you don’t have to worry about damage. A pool table moving company can move all types of pool tables, and you can trust them to do it right.